HI! I'm Carmen and I am a SLIME girl. This is the story of how Cape Cod Slime came to be.....I started making videos on my Youtube channel CarmenPoster and watching videos about slime. All the people that I like watching have a SLIME SHOP, so I started to think of slime shop names. I live on Cape Cod and I thought it would be fun to include that in the name. That's how I came up with Cape Cod Slime. Next I started writing down names and recipes... first slimes inspired by Cape Cod, then by my favorite ice cream, and then just by my love of SLIME! I went to get the ingredients, started making new slime, and then this web site...so every thing I sell is made by ME. You cannot get these creative, small batch slimes anywhere else!

I also want to extend a heartfelt thanks to Mia Lipchak, a cartoonist from Pittsburgh, PA, for my logo and slime artwork. She's amazing! Check out her work on Instagram @cheesyescapade


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